Monday, June 11, 2012

OH No! Not the Knotty Pine! Plus My Other Lake House Ideas...

What did she do?
The unthinkable.

Dear Hubs asked me how I'd like
decorate our new lake house
and I said

"get rid of the
knotty pine paneling!"

To me, it was depressing and
it had to go.

It was all around the room.
I wanted something brighter.

We decided to keep the wood as
wainscoting on the bottom half.

So Hubby set to work
drawing a line and then

I had no problems with it.

First a primer went on and then
he added dry wall.

It was a lot of work!

Then a lovely shade of blue
was painted above.

(I was so tired I missed taking
a photo before we left!)

In the areas where we had windows
we decided to just paint.

The color was supposed to
be an antique white
but the Hubs forgot
to bring that can of paint.

The nearest Lowes is an hour away.
But there is a hardware store
in "town."

It is a very small area.

I might get another can of paint
for our next trip and try
another color.


When I arrived home from this first trip
I was feeling so badly about
the knotty pine.
Can you believe it?

The guilt!

In this area where the lake house is...
everyone has knotty pine.

So, well, we're going to be different.
I've decided you just have to go for it
and don't look back.

In fact, I'm going to have the hubby
cover up these
dark and dreary cabinets

I'm also excited about some of my
latest finds to decorate
once we are all finished
with the painting.

It was a perfect match  when I spotted this
really cool sign in the antique mall
where we have a booth.

Then I hit the Christmas Tree Shop!
Check out these neat buoys!

And these red and white
striped valances too!
I'm thinking of putting them
 along the hallway
leading up to the kitchen and
main living area.

There were so many things there with

a nautical theme,
I was having a a great time
selecting from all of the cute stuff.

The captain's wheel
barometer thingy, in the photo
above this one,
hubby found over weekend
on his way home at a yard sale.

 Plus this cute game
table below.

It is kind of rough so I'm
on the fence about it.
Paint the wood maybe
and keep the red insert?

Enjoy your week!
I'll be back with some more
new listings in my Bella Rosa
shop tomorrow as well as in my
Bella Rosa shop on Etsy.

Stay tuned as we continue....

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The Polka Dot Closet said...

Your lake house if bigger than my home! I say go for it, I like white too and could not live with knotty pine, it's good to be different! You are going to have sooo much fun decorating, and the kitchen cabinets, I agree, away with the dark!


Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

I'm sure in 50 years, someone will live in your lake house, shake their head and say, "Can you believe they painted that beautiful knotty pine?!" Haha! I love the white -- the pine, while a quality wood, IS too dark. I love all of your finds too -- that game table is cute. I'd paint the frame and then distress the game table even more to make it look as if it's supposed to be 'worn'.

Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

You're having fun - don't look back is right :)

Anonymous said...

Catching up with you, Jil and WOW! Congrats on your new lakehouse! It's grand - and your knotty pine cover-up is a good choice. It will look very Cape Cod-ish. Def do over the dark kitchen cabinets.

I get the urge to paint over the paneling in our living room but Ed likes it. Says it's as close to the log cabin thingy he expects to get.

I wish it was just a bit brighter in there . . .

So, I shall live vicariously through all your re-doings. Bravo Hubby on the walls. Flying solo without a contractor. Impressive!

So, we're available for a long weekend when you're ready for us - hint - hint - LOL!

Been too busy for words in May and just got back from an exhausting but infilling women's conference near Scranton. Trying to re-enter Blogland with posts and visiting this week. We'll see how that pans out.

Meanwhile - JOY!

Ms.Daisy said...

Loved, Loved, Loved the pictures of the lake house! I can now picture it in my mind when I think of you there. I think your instincts are right-on and it will be light, bright and lovely when it all comes together.


Kathy said...

Loved all your great buys:) I have heart pine in my house. At my beach house I have found some wonderful lighthouse items and a beautiful shell lamp. I'll have to take a picture of it when I move there next week as I'm out for the summer. I stay there until school starts and I have to report back to work! Come join me at

The Checkered Apple said...

Hi Jillian! I'm really loving the light knotty pine and it really does lighten up the place. It's going to be amazing when you are finished and all your goodies are in place. Thanks for sharing the new items at the Patriotic Link Party!