Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Saying Yes to the Dress & A Big No No No

Leave it to me to head out into a tornado warning ....
But would you pass up a chance to go wedding dress shopping with your Step Daughters? It was a must do.

We kept our eye on the weather and our eyes peeled for the "right" dress.

Did she say YES?

How about a maybe.

You may also be wondering why she is not wearing white, or a typical, poofy wedding dress.

This was the second shop we had gone to. The first shop would not let me take photos. In fact ,the owner was a bit short with me when I pulled my phone out to snap a "moment" for the scrapbook.

Little did I know that this was a big "no no" in the bridal gown world.

Ahhhhhh....I'm still learning.

Anyway, the first shop was a bit pricey and my practical step daughter was trying on bridesmaids gowns because these styles also came in ivory or white. Pretty smart! Plus, she is looking for something simple and flowy as her wedding is going to be on the beach.

I will definitely be posting pictures of the wedding this fall.

Which dress did she end up with?

Well, that's for another post!

Stay tuned!

Up next, some of my latest finds which I will be listing either tonight or tomorrow.

PLUS, some behind the scenes shots of the lake house re-do!


The Checkered Apple said...

So Sad! Sorry you weren't able to snap any shots at the salon.

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

LOL -- I am up to episode 10 of Season 5 of Say Yes to the Dress on Netflix! I LOVE that show but we don't have cable anymore so I have to wait until it comes on Netflix. Great idea trying on dresses that way and yes, I know from watching the show, no pics unless you are buying it :) Can't wait to see what she chose!