Monday, December 5, 2011

Decorating with Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Decorating can be so easy ... almost as easy as 1, 2, 3 when you have ornaments.

Vintage are my favorite but regular glass ornies can be found anywhere these days.Find a clear glass bowl, a piece of pottery, a tray, and voila! Instant decor.

This lovely mirror plateau makes a great base for something shiny and bright.

We still have our plateau in the Bella Rosa Shop here. I've discounted it for my blog readers this week.

And multiples of anything make a statement on their own.

These vintage Santas may be harder to come by but searching for them makes it all the more fun!

Happy decorating! I'm a little behind this week (too much partying this weekend ha ha!) so I hope to have a few new listings, for you soon. Then I'll be taking a break until New Years.

You may still place orders, there just won't be anything new in the "Just Listed" category after this week.

Enjoy the day!

(All photos were found on a great source for vintage ideas and inspiration!)



Just lovely!


MJ said...

Beautiful ornaments! I was wondering whether you'd write about keeping these items out of reach of little people but you focussed on the exquisite ornaments!

Unknown said...

Oh I love your Vintage Christmas ornaments..these are all so pretty. Sure was the best time to enjoy the holidays..I too seem to be fighting with blogger..hope it fixes itself soon..It's the holidays..we dont need any extra stress...

Linda said...

What a beautiful post! I love the vintage Santa ornaments because we had some just like it that used to decorate our tree when I was growing up. We only have a couple left now. You've inspired me to search them out at my Mom's and use them to decorate her tree in her room at the seniors home - I'll put one on her tree and one on mine.

Happy, happy Christmas!
Linda at Beautiful Ideas