Thursday, December 29, 2011

Help! Choosing a Paint Color

2012 just might be the year for paint at our house.
I'm excited.

But how do you choose a paint color when your significant other has different ideas?
I'm thinking a compromise.

 Something neutral like in the dining room above?

Hubs wants to do the burgundy thing.
 Is this still trendy? 

 I saw something in the ballard designs catalog like this ...except without the orange toned chairs.
We have dark mahogany furniture with ivory padding.

 How about a golden wheat with burgundy drapery?

Not a dining room but I definitely like this idea...and would like to try it in our stairway.

Opinions accepted and welcome!

Hope you are having a great week.
We had a fabulous Christmas...lots of traveling
and I took tons of photos.
(More on that are still on my *NEW* camera)

PLUS My listings will be up sometime right aftert the new year.

Until then...I'll be getting my decorating cap on!

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