Friday, April 30, 2010

Besides Antiques

What? Could there be anything else besides antiques?

Well, how about vintage cars?

Beep beep! It's that time of year again... our church is having their 3rd annual car show. Dear Hubs went way way wayyyyyyyy overboard when he told the crew I could do some of the advertising.

So, using the photos I took at the last two car shows, I put together a little video to help spread the word.

Between that and Dear Bebe getting sick I haven't had much time to load my latest finds on the website. Tonight I am going to edit the photos and see if I can get them I have a Pink Saturday post to do. Too bad there wasn't a pink antique car from last year's show!

Either way, I'll be back with some "new" goodies... just trying to get to everything when I can. Think I need to jumpstart my engine....feeling low on gas!


Connie said...

My hubby would be first in line at an antique car show, honey. That car in the photo looks like one of our first cars he had just before we married.

Lisa said...

Really awesome car!! Have a super great weekend!!
Hugs, Lisa

Ms.Daisy said...

Very cute post! Hope your gas tank gets filled real soon!