Friday, September 12, 2014

Pink Party Prep: A Candy, Cupcake, and Ice Cream Gathering

Ah, the weekend!

Even though I am a work at home Mom, I still love Fridays.

We have plenty to do on the weekends, but it is less scheduled than the regular days of the week. I like feeling less scheduled.

How about you?

I do have some upcoming events on my calendar however, and one of them is Bebe's birthday gathering.

Since she is an only child I really try to have a party for her every year.

This year's shin-dig will not be ANYTHING like last year's big carnival party where all of my family members swore they'd never help out again  loved every minute of it!

This year I plan on a much smaller party... for just the girls.


The theme is simple: Cupcake, Candy, and Ice Cream.

Yep, that's it!

I've been having fun looking around on Pinterest for ideas. You can follow me on there, too if you'd like! (See my side bar also, for link!)

So far I have all kinds goodies gathered and prepped:
First, I sent out pink invitations, then I gathered glass jars and vases for candy (Salvation Army is a great place to buy them,) pink Martha Stewart treat boxes to take home, pink ice cream cone decor, etc.

We'll play some old fashioned games and make pink and pastel beaded necklaces.

I'm also working on a banner where I have eight panels. Trying to decide if
it should read:

Ice Cream, Candy Bar, Birthday, or Lollipop? So far I've narrowed it down to Candy Bar or Ice Cream.

I'd love to be able to use it again by using the word BIRTHDAY, but I figure I can just peel off the letters and make something else out of it later for the Egg Hunt Party we have every year.

I also saw vertical hanging circle garland on Pinterest. Scrapbook paper and circle templates came in handy for this project!

Much, MUCH easier than last year.  Although some of you read on here that I am not too "crafty." I have my moments!

Can't wait to share photos from the upcoming party...

Have a great weekend!


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Victoria said...

You're so creative! I never had big parties for my boys when they were growing up just because it seemed so daunting to plan. It was usually just Chuck E Cheese:) Look forward to seeing more!

Victorian1885 said...

How fun is that!! Since we had two sons I missed out on decorating for a little girl's party... love your ideas and I want to wish Bebe a Happy Birthday. She is a very lucky little lady!


Tea in the Library said...

Sweet! Happy Pink Saturday!

The Old Parsonage said...

I'm sure it's going to be grand! Wish I could help - sounds like fun.