Monday, September 29, 2014

Falling for the Beach

We love the beach and walking along the
Jersey shore on one of its famous boardwalks.
But we rarely make the trip in the Fall.
This past weekend was like an
old fashioned "Indian Summer" with
beautiful temperatures and minimal clouds.
Saturday we went to a local amusement park...
...then took a trip down to my favorite beach
yesterday. Needed to get away and clear
the fog in my head. We've been really busy
and I witnessed a bad accident on Friday
trying to get Bebe to ballet class.

This ocean side town is always
 a great getaway for me.
Combine that with my love for picture
taking and it all adds up to be a fun time.
Bebe likes to comb the beach for shells.
Broken shells, unique colors, twisty shapes,
...she loves so many! She calls them "rare"
and is happy to have these special treasures. 

I love the old architecture. This is the
music pier and there are many
events held in the auditorium
from the Miss New Jersey Pageant to
orchestra performances.

My favorite candy shop was all decorated for fall.
Weird to see pumpkins on the boardwalk...
but also a welcoming sight.

With all that has been going on in the
world this was a bit unnerving.
Until we saw that the parrot was also
missing its head! They were probably
working on it in the off season.
What a relief.
Yes, a visit to my favorite beach, which is filled
with many memories, helps to make new ones, too. 

It is the start of a new week, a fresh one with
a new outlook, and I'll be busy working in
my shop... still more vintage goodies to list!

Also, working on starting a vintage link party.
Which do you like better: "Flea Market Tuesdays"
or "Let's Talk Vintage?"

More to come!


Ann said...

I've never been to the Jersey shore but it looks so breathtaking. What a wonderful Indian Summer trip. Hope you accomplish lots after your relaxing trip.

Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

lovely - I think I'd like it in the Fall... no bathing suit required! :) I've been a bit removed from link parties lately - so don't know on that one.... but the 'let's talk vintage' sounds a little broader.

Victorian1885 said...

Jillian it looks like you & your family had a wonderful day at the beach. "Let's talk vintage" would be my choice but both are nice. I look forward to joining the party!

Victoria said...

I went to the Jersey Shore once, I think it was in 2001 when my kids and I visited my dad in NJ so my memories of it are a bit foggy. I'm sure your daughter will have wonderful memories of going there every year and shelling!

My husband has a week off in Oct. so we're driving up to NY to stay with my BIL and his wife for a few days. I'm so excited to see some Fall colors on the way:) My husband's never been to NY or NJ so I'm excited for him to see both.