Monday, July 7, 2014

Scenes from the Lake (And Vintage Too!)

Another fourth of July up at the lake...
Not only did we bring home vintage goodies, 
we brought home great memories too.
I took a ton of pictures!
Not being sure where to begin,
I am showing some of my
favorite scenes and highlights:

We let nature be our décor.

We fished and played in the water.
We barbecued.
We went hunting for vintage.
(The crazy rummage sale again,
just look at the line to get in!)

We found some oldies but
 goodies, lots of fun stuff!
(More peeks later in the week)

We hiked up a mountain...
and discovered the view was worth it.

We were also in our local lake
boat parade.... and WON!
(More on that later)
You can be sure I need a
vacation from our vacation
but I will be back to share
my latest finds with you.
Hope you enjoyed your 4th...
drop me a line and let me know 
what you were up to, too!
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The Checkered Apple said...

Sounds like a perfect 4Th! Enjoy the rest of your summer Jillian!