Monday, April 28, 2014

When One Door Closes

Isn't the old saying true?
When one door closes, another opens?
This is the old barn where I have had
my antique booth for many, many years.
How many times I have walked through
this set of doors with my arms filled
with vintage goodies to sell.
We moved out yesterday.

It was bittersweet.
There were so many memories there.

I began while I was still working in local television.
Learning about antiques, having fun meeting collectors.

It is an experience you just can't get online.

Fourteen years of my life passed while I
bought and sold all kinds of vintage things.
We even had our wedding reception on the grounds of this antique mall.
The property is beautiful outside. There were weeping willows,
flowers, beautiful statuary.

( I will show pictures from our wedding in a 
10 year anniversary post coming up in May!)

Our time here is over, for now. For us, anyway.
The property has been sold. The new owner, ironically,
is turning it into a wedding/bridal/party event place.
Great idea! We even used it for the same reason.
They say it will stay an antique mall while the rest
of the property hosts weddings, bridal showers, parties, etc.,
 but only time will tell if it remains.
For me, after closing this door, I need
to figure out which door to open next.
Do I expand my online sales?
Get a full time job and keep
Bella Rosa as a hobby?
While I am waiting, my first task is to find
a place for all of the stuff we packed away!
Some of it is going straight
to my online shop
Stay tuned...
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Victorian1885 said...

Good morning JIllian
Your Antique furniture is beautiful!
I find change is always good and you will make the right choice for your Family I am sure.
Have a great week ahead my blogging friend.


Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

I felt a few tears welling up as you showed us your booth getting empty. It's always a challenge to know where to channel the 'stuff'... Blessings to you! And here's wanting the best for the antique mall too...

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh Jillian, what a time for you while you walked out of your place. I know you'll find that new door wide open and it's going to be a wonderful change! I feel your wonderous way of thinking and believe it's all going to be glorious! Enjoy every minute~

Beverly said...

I can see why leaving would be bittersweet, but I agree you will open a new door of wonderful. I will look forward to your change.

Happy Pink Saturday, dear Jillian.

Marti McClure said...

Hi Jillian, best of luck on a wonderful adventure through a new door! ! Happy Pink Saturday. Xoxo. Marti