Tuesday, April 22, 2014

An Egg Hunt Party, Easter Sunday, and A Few Things I Didn't Know About Potato Chips

Easter weekend brought a flurry (or should I say furry) of
activity here at the Bella household.
First, "Gramma at the beach" arrived.
(Bebe's other Grandmother is known as
"Grandma with the cows!")
Then we had an egg hunt party.
Delicious food was laid out.

This large, pink, iced cookie was the sleeper hit of the party.
(Besides all of the candy and treat filled eggs!)
I had found a pink lemonade cookie mix at our
local grocery store a few months back. I decided for
a quick treat to lay out the dough on a round pizza pan, bake it, then ice it all at once to save time. We used a pizza cutter
 right before the party for bite sized pieces.
Let me tell you... it was irresistible!

While the Dad's were outside hiding the eggs,
the kids were inside decorating their goodie bags.

Now I do not have any photos yet of the actual
hunt because my computer is not letting me retrieve
photos off of the camera card again without
formatting it, which will wipe out all of the photos.
I don't know why this keeps happening.
I'm going to put out feelers to see if any of the
other Mom's snapped photos too.
So next we have Easter Sunday.
The Easter Bunny arrived.
Bebe's Dad likes to hide the basket somewhere in the
house so Bebe has to find it. We did not do this as a
tradition in our house when I was a kid.

Did anyone else do this?
It took Bebe a long time to find her basket.
I had to assist as the basket was hidden in the
coat closet... behind the coats.
Poor kid! How was she ever going to find it?
Once it was found, she was ALL smiles.
I included a copy of the book (for kids)
Heaven Is For Real, in her basket. 

Then I rushed off to church for an early choir practice
before the service. It was an AMAZING service.
 I never realized before what a difference it
can be to sing as a testimony to God's love.
How blessed we are  to be able to worship and
have the freedom to do so in this country.

Then we had Easter dinner here at our house.

And a full house it was!
We had three families for
a total of about 11 people.


Then, once Monday came around, since Gramma was still in town,
we decided to take a short road trip to see the HERR'S potato chip factory tour.

It is actually the SNACK Factory but we enjoyed the free potato chips you receive....actually still hot off the assembly line. A first! I've never had a hot potato chip before. They also give you two snack sized bags each as you leave.

We also learned some neat tidbits. Like, did you ever wonder why some of the potato chips have a green mark on them? It is due to the potatoes growing too close to the surface of the ground and they receive a "sunburn" which looks green after it is cooked!

The brown color that can be found on chips is from a sweeter spot in the potato which caramelized during the cooking process.

Bet you didn't know that before!

Herr's snacks are distributed all up and down the east coast and a little bit farther in to the Midwest... but they do not have a big enough facility to produce enough snacks for the whole United States. You should have seen the mountain of boxes waiting to be shipped.

And now I am back to the normal week...tired but very happy to have had a busy and fun weekend.

I'll be back with some vintage goodies to share!

Enjoy the day!


The Old Parsonage said...

Oh it sounds like a wonderful holiday weekend and Easter Sunday. We always had an Easter Egg hunt on Sunday as kids. We did the same for our boys until the hit Junior High then the EB started hiding their baskets:)

Have a great weekend!

Nancy's Notes said...

Bella, what a wonderful weekend full of making the greatest family memories! Those are just the best!