Monday, November 11, 2013

Rockin' Around Our Vintage Tree

I'm always looking for something for
Bebe and I to do together. Somehow
I manage to fit my love for vintage in.
Not always.
She was all in for digging out my office tree and ornaments.
I figured I needed to take some photos for the blog anyway.
I love my table top tree... and vintage feather tree ornaments.

And while I was working with my vintage glass ornies... I gave this little tree to Bebe and some plastic ornaments.
Above is what she did with them! She INSISTED the
ornaments had  to be THAT size.
So cute!
Love my little Sweet Pea.
And so It begins our Christmas decorating has gotten an early start.
Fine with me, I love vintage Christmas décor!
Enjoy your day... linking up with Etsy Vintage
Cottage style today.
Stay tuned for my next post where I share my latest finds from the jewelry sale I talked about last week.
Always an interesting experience! 


ByLightOfMoon said...

These are just beautiful! Love them!
Smiles, Cyndi

oopsiemaizie said...

hi jill... you know the title of this post pulled me right in :)

so much pretty in these photos!!! love all of your vintage ornaments... can't wait to pull mine out this year... especially with the new additions that i have from you... have a great week!

Di@Cottage-Wishes said...

I love what she did! So much fun and thank you for visiting. Di@Cottage-wishes