Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More Vintage Christmas Added: Antiques Make Unique Gifts! FREE SHIPPING

Dashing through the snow....
on a one computer desk
Oh what fun it is to add...
vintage Christmas things!
Yes, I've been busy.
It is the Christmas rush.
Time to stock all of the
shops and online sites...
We are filled with all
kinds of vintage Christmas Cheer!
Don't forget...I'm offering
And that's not my only gift to you...
I always send an extra little giftie
to all who shop!
Check out this rare Santa postcard.
What makes this one rare?
The color of his cloak.
A rusty brownish red
instead of the usual red with white
Love find out facts like this.
Makes antique hunting so
much more fun!
What fun to find this vintage


 in great condition!
I was thrilled to find it.
They are usually filled
with stains but this one is
nice and clean.

Reminds me of the tablecloth my
Grandmom used each year!

And a couple of pixies
to keep you on your toes...

Isn't she sweet posing in her tutu
at the edge of a book?

Box of vintage "atomic" style
the Shiny Brite kind!
And don't forget I said I would
share my finds at the crazy Jewelry Sale:

Starting with this awesome book about Diamonds!

Flower or daisy brooch

Assorted brooches being sold
in one collection!

Love this large stone brooch...
a real stunning piece!

And a vintage STRATTON
Made in England.
Also new to the shop:
More antique hymnals. I can't keep
enough of these in stock. They always
sell out!

Feel free to email me with any questions...
I will always do my best to refund shipping
overcharges.... but take advantage of my
FREE SHIPPING for the holidays!
Spend 50.00 or more and pay
nothing at all for shipping.
(Destination must be within the
continental U.S.)
Enjoy your day!
I'm off to load my newly
listed goodies to my Etsy shop as well!

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