Monday, July 9, 2012

Scenes from the Lake Part 2 & A Vintage Style July 4th Parade

Where do I begin?

We had such a great
time at the lake.

From working on the house
to boating, to a crazy
rummage sale...we did it all! 

 I took tons of pictures
And it is taking me forever
to get through the editing process.

 We saw fireworks from our dock.
Big ones!

 I saw a lot of loons!
And these birds, too!
(Ha ha!)
No, really, I loved hearing them,
seeing them dive, and taking
pictures of them.
They are a unique and
special animal.

I can see why they
fascinate people.

I went out on the boat and
was overwhelmed by God's great,
and beautiful creation.

We fished.
I loved this shot.
Reminded me of Tom Sawyer
 and Huck Finn.

 We paraded.
Well, from the sidelines
that is!
What a fun time!

The parade highlighted the
town's 200th celebration.
It was so much fun!
I wanted to take
so many photos but was
helping Bebe grab candy
being thrown every
which way! 

 We continued working on our
house. One of my
favorite things to do
was to take breaks
out on the deck.

Here is the finished kitchen.
Just a couple of small things
to do here and there.
Maybe a dishwasher
for a "Someday?"

I forgot how much I am spoiled
by a dishwasher.

Paper plates anyone?
And my big thrill of the week was attending
a the local rummage sale. I started decorating some
of the bedrooms with my finds.

Wait until you see the line to get in...
I snapped a photo!

Next post...more on the parade
and the rummage sale...see the treasures I found
for Bella Rosa!


Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

You are having so much fun. Looks lovely. I think that kitchen may be nicer than I have in my own home :) Happy for you!! (great photos)

gail said...

oh it sounds wonderful. the kitchen looks beautiful....can't wait to see the rest.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so you are living the dream. Can I be in your dream, too? LOVE all you're doing this summer - the house - KITCHEN WANT!! And such an old fashioned Americana parade for the 4th - while we had to cancel everything because of the derecho. Streets lined with debris now . . .

Anyway - looking for that teacup you said has my name written all over it!