Monday, April 23, 2012

Keeping Up Wtih My Vintage Past

We come across lots of old photos and
ephemera in our searches for antiques.

It makes me wonder...why didn't anyone
 in the family want to keep them?

The picture below is not of strangers...
It is from my family's collection.

I'm not quite sure who the gentleman is on the left
but the pretty lady in the middle is my
Great Grandmom Minnie and
to the right, Great Grandfather Benjamin.

They are walking along the Atlantic City boardwalk.

Just looking at this photo makes me happy.
I'm keeping these photos and
mementos to treasure because
they're my family.

Knowing who you are and where
you came from is pretty cool.
It's my "vintage past."

Hopefully they'll be handed down to the next
generation and not

 In a basket
On a table

at a fleamarket someday.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely photo - and there id definitely a family resemblance between you and great-gran! A fun photo - is this on Ed's side of the family?

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh I love old photos because they always have such great history to them.

MJ said...

Amen. I treasure vintage family photos. said...

wondeful Jill! I have lots of old family photos too! If they do end up in a basket or on a table at least someone like us will buy them! Rachael xo

Victorian1885 said...

I too can not imagine selling my Family pictures but I do know I have adopted a few over the years and have welcomed them into our Family.. Great photos Jillian! Have a good week!


jeanne said...

Hello Jillian, Here I am with my belated thank you for your sweet comment about my anniversary post on PS. It was a special day and we appreciated all of the happy anniversary wishes. Sharing with bloggers is just the best there is in my opinion. Smile.

The photo you shared is so charming and your great grandmother was beautiful. She looks happy walking with her husband and another handsome man. A wonderful treasure.

I scrolled down and the pics of your baby kitten and all grown up is darling. I am glad she is recovering nicely.

Happy sunny days to you with congrats on your pretty ad sharing with other creative people in a lovely magazine.

xo, Jeanne