Wednesday, September 28, 2011

French Tapestry, Antique Mercury Glass, Romantic Rose Dresser Tray, Vintage Milk Bottle Carrier & Lots of PINK

Each week I try to come up with a phrase to describe my latest listings. "Decorating Your Romantic Home" is my choice for this week.

Soft, muted pastels in a framed tapestry. Beautiful!

Lovely old rose covered dresser tray.

Another oldie but PINK!
Ironstone by Burford Brothers ...they operated from 1879 to 1904.

I found this pink tin frame to be very unique!

Change out the photo for a vintage baby nursery theme

or for your romantic home.

Antique postcards...the BLUES.

Because not everyone does pink.
(Don't let the Pink Saturday gals hear you)

Vintage milk bottle carrier. I am not of age to remember this

but I have the carrier to prove it!

A trio of loving sentiments. They are all great

but the favorite is usually "Remember Me"

Antique, handpainted mercury glass.

This stuff is so hard to find.

The poor man's silver... you would find this in the

home of the middle class because it was more affordable.

A little trio of mantle books. (Waverly Novels)

Petite print ... I do believe the caption is in German

Antique songbook... registered in Congress in 1808

Violets on egg cups: to brighten up your breakfast table!
Romantic... yes.

The perfect book to set out for the holidays!

A children's book of bible stories.

A pack of BINGO game cards. I like how these have a splash of red throughout.

I created this little "BINGO Kit" for vintage fun. SHEFFIELD FARMS milk bottle make it a cute display but you can always use the pieces in your craft projects.

A unique postcard in its original mailing box. Postcard by artist John Winsch but even more unique is the ribbon work throughout.

All availabe, while they last, on


Ms.Daisy said...

Oh, I have to say, the violets got me this time. Love the violets...and I still remember the clink of the glass milk bottles in the metal carrier. Yes I do!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Jillian! I was seriously thinking of getting a couple of things here - and they're already SOLD! That was fast! I'll have to be quicker the next time!