Friday, September 16, 2011

The Many Colors of Pink

Recently we went on a treasure hunt in a field full of antique dealers and collectors.

I've shown my finds the past few weeks but today I'm highlighting all the items with PINK!
I didn't realize how many different colors of pink I had selected. But then again, why wouldn't I? It is my favorite color!

At first glance this is not really pink, but light purple. Maybe even freesia.
But look at the florals and then see that the muted pink highlights this piece perfectly!

A wonderful example of a vintage petite point... multi colors of pinks,

including a deep pink.

A touch of salmon pink.

I like to think of these as shabby chic pinks.

But I don't suppose that is a color.
Or is it?

This moustache cup is brimming with rosey pinks.

Maybe her dress is a lovely carnation pink?

Just the most beautiful soft pink glow on this little gal's cheeks. Lovely!

Who needs red and green for Christmas? Not I. For the past few years I have removed all of my red ornaments in favor of pinks and pastels. It makes a yummy glow all over the tree.
This glass beaded garland features a hot pink that is sure to capture a happy mood.

Definitely a pink but maybe with just a touch of lavender.

One of my favorite pinks. Back in the days I was a young ballet student we referred to this as "Theatre pink" or "ballet pink." I guess really it was just a baby pink, afterall.

Available of course, in my online store,

Today I'm linking to Pink Saturday.

Join the other fans to see what color of pink is in their palette this weekend!


Ms.Daisy said...

Your pinks today are lovely as usual...I like the way you incorporate the lavenders with pink highlights. My favorite pink, though, is the glow on the little child's cheeks. It's the Gramma in me!


MJ said...

You are a queen of pink! When N outgrows it (as she might), I'll think of you whenever I see it!

dana said...

Did you say a FIELD of antique dealers? How awesome!!

You did score big time with those pinks....but I have to tell ya my favorite item..those wonderful glass Christmas beads!! I have a tree that I decorate only with vintage items..which includes several garlands of those beads I've collected over the years. It's my favorite holiday decoration...well cept for my Dancin' Santas collection!

Hope you have had a great PS!!! It's been awesome in Missouri...cooooool and a bit rainy. The sun is coming out finally...just in time for Monday! :)

L, Dana

Anonymous said...

Jillian - Had an awesome time exploring that field of antiques with you - and so blessed by our time together!!!

Found a great spot for all the treasures and will be slowly but surely photographing them over the next couple of weeks for posts.

I'll be in touch with details of our trip home - got in before 4pm - and more!

Many thanks and joy!

Holly said...

Hi Jillian~
I want it all! I love roses - especially pictures of vintage ones. You have such a wonderful eye for things.
Happy pink Saturday/Sunday. =0)