Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Second Chance Tuesday: Beautiful Antique Book Ladies of the White House

Not only is this a beautiful antique book for display, Ladies of the White House is full of wonderful information about the women who were not only married to some of our earliest United States Presidents but also took on the role of being the First Lady. What did that mean in their time? From Martha Washington to Dolly Madison to Mary Todd Lincoln and more, read the life and times of these Ladies of the White House.
Copyright 1881 By Laura C. Holloway

(Available in the Bella Rosa Antiques store... link to by clicking the name of the book. Never before discounted... but it is today!)

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Jillian - this is toooo tempting for me! You just don't know how this would compliment my patriotic display I keep out all summer - though it is getting packed up this weekend for the fall stuff. However, antique books I keep out year round. The decoration on this cover is splendid - something I really look for - and then the subject matter needs to click with me. And this truly does. If I am well in the black after paying bills later this week - and it's still there . . . I just may have to snatch it!!