Friday, July 30, 2010

A Little Frou Frou on Fridays

Thanks to Connie of Living Beautifully, I can "get ready" for the weekend with a little Frou Frou on a Friday. Hop on over to her blog to read more about this new 'meme' and how you can take part, too!

For now I'm off to get some inventory ready to work at my little antique corner of the world tomorrow... I've gathered up an old round mirror, some vintage "French romantic" lamps, vintage jewelry, china, and a hat box filled with old glass ornaments from Poland. I didn't put it in my online shop because they are tough to ship.

And for those who were following along with my recent health issue....the results from the ultrasound showed that my "interior" looks fine! In fact while I was having it done the tech was showing a trainee how it was done and she remarked excitedly "OH wow, you can see her whole pancreas. It looks great!" Then she leaned over to me and said "You have a very nice pancreas." I didn't know what to say to that so I giggled and said "I get that ALL the time!"

What does one say to that?

It just tickled my funny bone.

Anyway, the Doctor's advice was to wait and see if it flares up again. If the pain returns then I have to go for the second test which involves drinking something. Ugh!

The pain is gone for now so I am staying as far as possible from this second test!

Have a great weekend.


Betty said...

Thank you sooo much for dropping by and your sweet comment on the 4th of July decorations...and the congratulatory message....

I like your new blog combo!
Very eye candy looking!

So glad your health issue is resolved....Betty

Ms.Daisy said...

I always meant to tell you that! LOL! Your booth is looking good too! So glad you are feeling better!

Love you,
Ms.Daisy Mau said...

Connie is so much fun! You know I am really happy that your interior is all good and that you have a nice looking pancreas! lol Rachaelxo