Friday, June 6, 2008

LuRay Pastels ~ Lovely Display Dishes

As promised in my last post which you can find by clicking HERE, I am again writing about LuRay dinnerware. In the previous post, I showed one of my kitchen cabinets but here I thought you might like to see some of my more "specialty" pieces. And these are not easy to come by. Prices in my collection have ranged from believe it or not, $0.10 to a whopping $189.00! (Price of my first mixing bowl... call me crazy!)

Some of my favorites are the serving pieces. There are the usual... creamers, sugars, pitchers, and teapots. Now here is the unusual...I have even found a pitcher that I've never seen in a book before. The surf green pitcher, sitting next to the two green s&p shakers, almost looks like a syrup or a small milk pitcher with it's curved spout. I found it in a tiny little out of the way antique shop in Maine. I think the owner asked fifty cents for it. I was thrilled! I couldn't get my two quarters out fast enough. Although it is not marked LuRay and is not of the typical Empire or Laurel shape .... I think it is a great "Go Along."

The Windsor Blue Juice Pitcher above was acquired after many years of collecting. This one was admittedly, an ebay purchase. They are hard to find! In the background you will see a few of the Persian Cream pieces. One is a small juice tumbler. I have four of these and they are very very rare and hard to find. I bought all four at one of my visits in the mid-nineties to Atlantique City. Yes, I will search high and low for my beloved dinnerware. Half of the fun is the search.

Here are two of my grill (or compartment) plates. I have four of these as well in each of the main pastel colors. With them in the picture are two of the 36's bowls. I have four of each of these as well. My very first piece of LuRay EVER was a surf green 36's bowl. It was sitting in a dusty back room of an antique shop at the beach. I think I paid 6.00 for it back in 1992. I absolutely LOVE the 36's bowls. They are perfect for mixing sauces, a little bit of ice cream, oatmeal, you name it. I hardly use them now because of the height of the shelf they are on. This may be a good thing so I don't break them! The everyday pieces I actually berry bowls and bread and luncheon plates. And for birthdays the cake plates are a must. So fun!

Now here is a cutesy way of displaying the teacups. I do not use these, mainly because I don't drink tea! But, I couldn't resist the display stand.

And what LuRay collection wouldn't be complete without a store sign? This is a commemorative piece and not actual vintage memorabilia. I wish it were. Maybe one day I will come across one. But for now, this is a great addition to my collection.

This week, I've just recently acquired some pieces to sell in the Bella Rosa store. Click here to see what I've added!

Please feel free to email me or leave a comment about your LuRay collection, or if you have any questions. I always love to hear from fellow collectors.

Have a very Bella day!


Rhondi said...

Hi Jillian
Thanks for coming to my porch party. Your collection of china is amazing. I love the colors.

Jean said...

Love your Lu-Ray collection! I just started collecting the cream and green. Got a few of each at an estate sale but haven't come across any more yet. It's something to look for when I hit the sales.

Unknown said...

OH, your collection is just lovely! I LOVE those pastel, Easter-egg colors. My first piece was a creamer in the surf green. I bought it at a thrift a long time ago--I didn't even know what Lu-Ray was then, I just thought it was pretty and thought the stamp on the bottom looked "old". My mom & DH laughed at me! LOL I only have a few pieces--for some reason it's hard to come by out here, but I'm always on the lookout!

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

I actually collect and use vintage pastel china over here in Australia, but I must say that your collection is stunning!! thanks so much for sharing.
alicia ~ time worn style

Amanda Jo said...

I LOVE THESE!!! I'm ashamed to admit this but I don't recall ever seeing any of these at any of the antique stores where I am from.

I am so going to start looking for these...they are GREAT!

j said...

Gorgeous! The colors are fabulous and I love the store sign.

Be blessed.


Gina said...

Those colors and shapes are a dream!

Anonymous said...

Love the Lu-Ray as you know!!

Wendy said...

Love those dishes! Such pretty colors, especially altogether that way. :)

When I entered your blog I thought my phone was ringing... then realized it was music on your site! lol Sooo beautiful and I can totally handle no phone calls!