Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Latest Projects and Recent Vintage Finds

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Hello and welcome friends!
I'm just going to make it under the wire
for a January post ... yay!

Wanted to catch you up on some
projects we've been working on.

We were excited to work on an old buffet
and then I had the idea of creating a whole
"Coffee Bar" theme out of it. Lots of fun
with this even though I don't drink coffee!

The gal who helps me out on ballet nights just happens to be an artist extraordinaire and she is amazing at doing chalk writing!!!! Love what she did with our old cupboard
door turned restaurant menu board!

Seriously... what ever we turn into a chalkboard
she creates something beautiful on it.

I found love while making this wall décor sign.
Will try using a stencil for my next endeavor.

I transformed an old mirror into something
a little more trendy and updated.

And I worked on this Duncan and Phyfe pedestal table.
It had a leather top in the center which had
seen better days. I decided to try waxing it
first and then chalk painting it ... I wanted
to avoid the crackling that can occur with chalk
paint. It dries out whatever you paint!
I like how it turned out but this photo was before
I did some more distressing.

My hubby decided to try a Grandmother
clock that we found in the basement of an
antique mall. She had seen better days.
He went with a two-tone look...
similar to a small bookcase he
transformed a couple of weeks ago.
Much better now!

I fell in love with this PARIS Travel Guide from
 the 1950's. The messy dust jacket gives it charm!

And this antique "Poets of England" book was another fun find. A piece of the spine cover is missing but I love it anyway. Shabby and chippy is sometimes better when decorating with vintage.
How cool was this find? At a Goodwill?
The hubby spotted it in the cart an
employee was using to put out new arrivals.
And I have several of these little restaurant
creamers now. So cute!
I hope you have a wonderful day... and get
to spend it doing what you love!
I'm going to get to work on my Etsy listings
since I am off from my brick and mortar shop.
Mostly all of the other Bella Rosa inventory is on SALE!!!
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Connie said...

I love those little creamers and the white table . . . just my style, Perfect!

Connie said...

I'm back again . . . I just came to visit and check out your blog, but after visiting several posts, I'm back to become a follower. I would also like to invite you over to visit my blog. Go down a couple posts and see my latest furniture make-over :) Happy Blogging!
Connie :)

Kim said...

Your coffee bar is amazing. What a lovely transformation and the chalk lettering is just perfect. The Poets of England is a gorgeous find....how I would love to have that sitting pride of place in my bookshelf.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Love, love, love it all! The coffee bar is fabulous and those bowls?! I do find some good stuff at Goodwill, my only real thrifting spot during the winter. How wonderful to have your hubby alongside you doing beautiful makeovers!

Mrs.T said...

Everything is beautiful! Love the coffee bar and the chalkboards ... the Pyrex bowls and the little creamers. I have some restaurant creamers myself, but nearly all of them are plain white.

bj said...

i love your coffee bar...

Diana said...

I'm in love with your coffee bar, Jill--what a great way to stage things and get them moving out the door. What a blessing it is to have the artist on hand to make such gorgeous chalkboards for you. Thanks for linking up your posts with us at Vintage Charm :)