Friday, June 3, 2016

Vintage Finds of the Week and One That Got Away

Hello Friends!
Today I'm sharing with you some of my latest vintage finds... from a Memorial Day, town-wide sale.
I was ecstatic to find a few steals, 
I mean, treasures.
I mean, when do you EVER find three, four,
or five items from the same sale, as good as this?
I wanted to sit outside this guy's house
because he kept bringing stuff out.
He said the house was packed with stuff
of his wife's. It looked like she was
getting rid of her shabby chic stash.
 Lots of beautiful items were
being laid out on tables.
And you really can't get greedy,
even though the human thought is,
"What, there is more!? Yes, please!"
We even left one of the items we
bought, behind. It was a LARGE,
vintage funeral basket with pink floral
and Christmas goodies tucked inside.
Yes, it was accidently left behind!
I thought the hubby was getting it
and he though I had gotten it.
Ever do that?
So, when we went back to get it, it
had been sold again! It is cut throat
out there, people! LOL. We
ended up getting our money back.
But a really neat find was gone.
Such is the busy life of a dealer!
Then at other sales I found these:
I haven't had a chance to clean them but wow,
I was thrilled. I've always wanted one of these
industrial lazy susans. And I hope the turquoise Fiesta
pitcher is vintage. I know they have remade them
in the past couple of decades.
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed
some of my new finds, I sure did!

Not all will be going into my new brick and mortar shop,
Vintage & Co. Some will go into my Bella Rosa Etsy shop.
Maybe even eBay. That's all for now, short but sweet!
Have a wonderful weekend!
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Victorian1885 said...

Great treasure hunting Jillian! Have a wonderful weekend!


LV said...

You did truly find some great treasures. Wish you had some of mine. May have a garage sale, but no one wants to pay anything.

Deanies Stash said...

Jillian, I have always wanted one of those industrial lazy susan things. You found some great things!

xo Dianne

Daniela said...

What a stunning blog you have, Bella, I so love everything vintage and live surrounded by everything is old or far too ancient ... I'd love to follow you, I'm making copy-and-paste of the URL of your page for receiving your feeds !

So grateful for what you share I'm wishing you all my best for your weekend

Daniela at ~ My little old world ~

Michele said...

wonderful treasures! sorry about your loss! happy pink saturday! xo

Kim said...

Amazing treasures. You should've followed the chappy into his house and had a little look. =) I love that turquoise pitcher...'tis so very cool.

Annesphamily said...

Awesome finds! ALways fun to see what treasures others have for us. HPS and enjoy your weekend.