Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Let's Talk Vintage #81: Latest Estate Sale Treasures and Possibly the Last LTV

Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage!

Today I have breaking news.
Well, Let's Talk Vintage news.
It is all happening this morning.

Unfortunately this may be the last
one unless I can find a free link up.
 I have been barred from using
inlinkz and Linky Tools unless I
pay 24.00 or 36.00 a year.

With all of the costs of my new

store, I just can't afford that
right now.
 So, I apologize for no link up today.

UPDATE: (I just heard back from Mr. Brent
Riggs who owns Linky Tools and he
gave me a couple of days grace
period... yay! SO today there IS
a link up! )

If anyone knows of a free service
other than inlinkz or Linky Tools,
I'd love to know.

Don't click away from my blog, just yet!

I do have a little bit to share
and features from last week....

This week I am sharing some
of my recent finds. We went
to an estate sale... the best
kind, where you get to pick
like "the Pickers" do with no
other dealers around!
(The elephants made it to the shop already so there is no picture of them.)
I found a few treasures...
Beautiful candle sticks
Hand carved elephant bookends
Antique books
A Bianchi Nativity Set
I just can't help it. I head for the same
types of things every time!
We are noticing in the store that 
I am more formal in my finds 
and my friend Kathy is more on 
the rustic side. So, it works, we
have a good mix in the shop.
I've also been back listing
some things in my Etsy shop.

We're getting into a groove finally.
I love being a shop owner!

Thank you for all of your support
as I share this journey with you.
Now for this week's features:

Penny, of Penny's Vintage Home
had me at "Yard Sale Chandy" but
wait til you see how much
she paid for it! What a find!
We are looking for one of these
for the shop. Other than taking down
our own chandeliers, we are 0 for 0
in locating one. Great job, Penny!
Joy of a Vintage Green made over
this captain's wheel. Makes me think of
summer, my favorite time of year!
And I love those word stencils!
Sharon of Blue Willow House
shared some of her latest finds...
not only are her finds fun, but her
pictures are too!
and Debby of Debby Goes Shabby
caught my eye with this pair
of vintage radios. I am a pastel
girl at heart and would love
to have these in a display!

Thank you all so much for joining
the party... with the store open
now I have even less time than
I did before to visit everyone...
but I'm trying! Thank you all
for your support and encouragement!

If you were featured today be sure to grab this
"LTV Feature" button and place it in your post
or on your blog side bar.
Thank you all for your support.

I'll be back on Friday morning at
10 for a blog hop, hosted by
Melissa of Melissa's Antiques:




Penny @ Penny's Vintage Home said...

Thank you so much for featuring my yard sale chandy! I hope you can find one for your shop like mine ....cheap! hugs...

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Thank you Jillian for hosting Lets Talk Vintage 81. Thank you for featuring my faux ships wheel this week. It has been a pleasure to join in with you each week. I hope that you either find a free provider or that you carry on at a later date . Looking forward to seeing posts showing your store.

Melissa said...

I used to host a link up and I was not a fan of paying to do so. I ended it after about a year. Looking forward to Friday. Maybe if it goes well we can do more of them in the future?

Sandi Magle said...

Everyone needs to seem to want a piece of one's hide. I belong to a long established Meetup---that must keep under 40 members or they charge way more for over that. Thank you for hosting, I always enjoy the linkups with lots of vintage in them and redos. Hope this can be solved somehow, as I'm sure other Link-ups will be getting $$$ more also. Thanks, Sandi

Sharon @ Blue Willow House said...

Jill, thank you so much for the feature and sweet comments. sb

Debby Goes Shabby said...


Thanks for the feature and I new you would love the radios!



Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Thanks so much for the party, Jillian!! I hope you will be able to continue the party but if not, I understand!! Congrats on being able to see your dream of being a shop ownner come true!!

Deanies Stash said...

Jillian, thank you for hosting and I hope there can be a way to continue to host this link-up. It is so exciting that your shop is going well! Hope you have a great week.

xo Dianne

Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

My goodness - charging for linky? I'd stop too... Do you not like the free ones that you're already aware of? thanks for hosting as long as you have! And I can imagine there's a lot going on w/ that shop of yours!

Heidi | Mysweetcottage.com said...

Thanks so much for hosting! I hope this is not your last party, I do enjoy them!