Friday, September 4, 2015

Thinking Pink #8: Something French, Victorian Artwork, and Elizabeth Barret Browning

Welcome to Thinking Pink!
This week my pinks were at a minimum...
and I do hope that the things I do show tonight
I haven't shared before! You never know though!
 I did scan back over my old TP posts, just to be sure.
Here is my little portrait plate
guessing she is French, only
because it is marked.....

...France on the back.
I tell ya, I'm really good at this
antique thang!
And then there is this antique "gift book" titled

Being the curious sort, I just read
about Elizabeth Barret Browning
and found her life and story
very interesting.

And of course I read some of the
 poetry... good yes, but I am
not really into English prose.

I just know how beautiful the
artwork  is inside...
And again, her story is interesting.
I may do an upcoming "Let's Talk Vintage!"
post about her... stay tuned!
And last but not least,
here is my latest thrift store find:
A pink froufy ball gown!
Not old, but a great "Glenda the Good Witch"
costume starter or maybe, just maybe
a costume for a party I am planning
for Bebe's birthday... she wants a
"Nutcracker" themed party!
A "Sugar Plum Fairy" perhaps?
Not saying I would be the one in
the gown... good grief,
there is just not enough time
to diet!
And I will leave you with that laugh
for the day...
Enjoy the weekend!
As usual, I will be linking with
these fun link parties:
Let's Talk Vintage!


Victoria said...

That book is stunning!!! I'm not big into reading poetry myself, when my mom was growing up in England it was mandatory study in school so she was constantly reciting poems to me. I wish I appreciated it more but, like you, I buy those books for the pretty pictures:)

How awesome that your daughter wants a ballet themed party! That will be so much fun to plan:) These days I could probably fit that dress about mid calf and it would stop there:)

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I am swooning over that princess gown!! So pretty to just display. All your pinks are sweet. Love the book too!

Joanne said...

Oh, I would love to have that beautiful book of poetry! Lovely find!

RobinfromCA said...

The Browning book is so beautiful! I agree that Elizabeth's story is fascinating. Did you read the Margaret Forster bio? Very enjoyable! The pink ball gown is from a fairy tale! Love it!

Unknown said...

Oh how gorgeous. I loved the dress especially. Such a beautiful one. Thanks for a lovely visit for Pink Saturday.

Kaye Swain