Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Park Scenes: Playing Photographer

Everyone is a photographer these days.

Before the emergence of the digital camera we mostly relied on professional photographers to take our pictures.  Remember the days of Olan Mills, Glamour Shots, or JcPenney's?

While some of these studios are still in business today, it can be fun to head over to the park and take your own photos.

And that's exactly what we did with another family. They took our pictures and we took theirs. Sounds simple enough, right?

Heading over to the park for beautiful fall, scenic shots. What could go wrong with that?

Here are some Do's and some Don'ts. Well, mostly DONT'S*:

1.  Do not take the camera without charging the battery first.

2.  Do not take a photo with the sun behind you... unless you have the perfect time of day where the sun is not too high in the sky. IT WILL CAUSE A GREYING, SHADOW EFFECT ON YOUR FACE, don't do it.

3. Do not take children along who are a) Tired b) Hungry c) See a and b.

4.  Do not take so many photos so that your camera card is almost full and can't fit any new shots.

And finally:
5. DO NOT attempt to take pictures in wind speeds of 20 mph or more! Just don't' do it! Hair will never stay in place! And it makes cranky children cry all the more!

Okay, so now that we have some of these issues ironed out... you should feel confident enough to get out there and just have a great time!

*Disclaimer: Some of these Do's and Don'ts may or may not have happened to us while taking photos in the park. Just sayin'.

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Victorian1885 said...

What a lovely photos of you Jillian!