Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vintage Bobbsey Twins History

When I was a young girl I loved
reading the Bobbsey Twins.
(This trio can be found in my shop, here.)
My older Sister (Hi Sista K!) was
reading Nancy Drew, so the
Bobbsey Twins were a great
start into my reading adventures.

And what adventures they were!
Nan and Bert, Freddie and Flossie.
Still to this day seeing these
old books brings a smile to my
face and a skip in my heart.
I found a web page with
some neat information
about how they began
and the order of the
They were written
by Edward Stratemeyer!
Laura Lee Hope
must have been
his pen name.

My favorite Bobbsey Twins
books are the Grossett
and Dunlop #1's.
Made in the early 1900's.
My Grandparents gave me
my first antique copy that
looks just like this.
I still have it and cherish it.
They had their own antique
and book store, which
is probably where I started
learning about old things!
I do remember reading
these...the covers with
the purple spines from the
mid to late sixties.
This cover, like the
one in my Bella Shop
is from the 1940's
to the early 1960's.
Something I have never
come across (yet) in my
antiquing adventures are
the original dust
jackets or these
paper dolls found on this
Always fun, always
an adventure
learning about vintage
things. This is why
I enjoy the hunt and
even adding to my own



Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

my cousins are twins and they collect them. I have my mom's. A great collection to start!

Sean said...

Cool! I am not as much a fan of the old series as i am of the new one from the 80s. In fact, i started a blog reviewing the New Bobbsey Twins series. If that interests you, it is here: (I'm not trying to "spam" you-i just thought you might like that kind of thing)