Friday, October 26, 2012

Anyone Remember This?

Today we're playing
a little remember this game.
A vintage, late 1960's Suzy Homemaker Oven.
Found in my favorite thrift shop
by our lake house.
Covered in layers of dirt and no longer electrified,
the staff said: "The dirt is free!"
Then let me have it for a dollar.
I've cleaned it up and my
handy dear hubby has it
in working order now.
Since I was born in the late sixties I
DO NOT remember these.
My era is of the "Easy Bake Oven"
which came a little later?
I looked some up on eBay and they show
a different model with colored knobs.
So far I haven't seen one with the black,
except for the one I have here.
 On the back it reads
that it was made in the USA
(New Jersey) and it is 120 volts!
I'd love to hear from anyone
who remembers these
types of toys ...
feel free to drop me a line and say


Victoria said...

I too was born in the late 60's and don't remember this oven. But I got a Holly Hobbie oven when I was 9 and I loved it! I used the cake mix it came with and never got anymore so I'd put all sorts of unusual food items inside and bake them:) I wish I still had it!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

I still have my easy bake oven in the orginal box.

Unknown said...

i was born in 1966. i still have mine also! thanx for the trip down memory lane....