Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Christmas Break

It's nice to get away, even for just a day or two, isn't it? Recently Dear Hubby and I got a chance to spend some time at this wonderful lodge. Very similar to the summer lodge on the movie, Dirty Dancing.

Their slogan is "Where the Past meets the Present." Well, for a couple of antique hounds like us, it is just perfect.

Their staff puts together this fabulous display. The gingerbread house is baked on the premises.
See, fun the old fashioned way. We love it!

Mmmmmm. Just look at all of that icing.

In the grand old library filled with antique bookshelves (the kind with the glass doors) is this huge Christmas tree. I love how it is flanked by statuary angels holding the pink ribbons from the tree! (Now there's a pink saturday post!)

We loved having this break in the action...right before the holidays get too hectic and crazy.
I hope it's a place we can go and enjoy old fashioned charm for years to come. It's hard to find!
And speaking of antiques...I'm taking a little break from shopping for Bella Rosa Inventory. The store is still open and I'm still shipping out...but will return soon with "new" finds... Enjoy your holiday!

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Cottage Rose said...

Hello Jillian; What a gorgeous place to get some rest & put your feet up... that Ginger Bread house is amazing... and so yummy
thank you for sharing it with us..