Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Little Bit Old, A Little Bit New ~ Latest Finds: Glitter Houses, Fur Wraps, Crystal Chokers, Vintage Ornaments, Paperie

I am excited about my new listings this week... some of my favorite categories of antiques. Jewelry, Christmas, and Fashion! This three strand pink crystal necklace is still available...I really can't believe it hasn't sold yet. I'm starting to think it is going to be worn this holiday season by me if no one snags it. (And yes, that is a Victoria's Secret mannequin in case you are wondering. That's a story for another I obtained four of them!)

I found another Alice in Wonderland book ...

this one also has the illustrations by John Tenniel.

A bejeweled lipstick holder. Ahhhhh! I love these.

Totally girly.

(Thank you, this has SOLD)

There's going to be some happy ladies out there! I found more glitter houses! I'll be sending out an email to let you know when they're listed. If you would like to join my email list... Click here.

I have two of the blues...

(Thank you, this has SOLD)

This one is a cutie!

Keys, keys and more keys!

I've seen several of the websites selling old bottles with these type of keys and vintage labels. I'd love to have the time to make these items to sell... but with a one year old...I'm just going to have to be the crafty supplier, not the crafter.

(Thank you, these have SOLD)

I was running low on my vintage greeting card inventory so I made sure to buy more! This is just the baby cards selectioin... they were too cute not to show!

This is a neat fur wrap. The buttons on it are very cool. Big black round buttons with an art deco shape on them. Not sure what kind of fur this is...but it is super silky. I'm also listing a longer can see a smidgen of it in the next photo.

Here is the little bit old...little bit new. This green crystal choker necklace is amazing! Beautiful color and perfect length... I took a new photo of it to show it off a little better. It has already been listed in the jewelry category. I'm just giving it a new look here. It is an old vintage piece.

I think it would be lovely for the holidays ... ooooh that green! Perfect!

Isn't this sweet? A small vintage print in a glass frame. Hanger on the back.

A little culture for you... poetry by Robert Browning. Old old book! I enjoy setting up books in my living room in little piles or vignettes with other things like... spectacles!

Pretty vintage glass Christmas ornaments...

Pretty "what not" dish with roses and green border. Great for that pair of earrings you just took off. I use them in my bathroom for laying out my compacts. I'll have to do a post sometime showing my vintage dishes as makeup containers.

And this white cardigan has never been worn...the tag is still attached,

dangling on the inside.

(Thank you, this has SOLD)

I switched out the crystal necklace and replaced it with this vintage sweater clip. The clip has also already been listed on the website... just thought it needed a better photo.

Still charming!

And for the whimsical side of me... an etched martini glass (I only have one like it) with a glass ornament in a pink swirl. It looked delicious to me so it was my humorous self that decided to sell it with the glass!

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Super great finds!
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