Thursday, September 3, 2009

Make Mine Pink ~ New for Bella Rosa Antiques!

Recently I joined the pretty pink boutiques of Make Mine Pink. Unfortunately the day I signed on for a 60 day trial membership, lightning hit my computer's modem. We were wiped out for a week. I was frustrated about not being able to start up my new venture.

Then today I finally uploaded items to my boutique. Here is a link to my own MMP shop here. I'm excited. I'm learning the ins and outs of their website and how to make the connections back and forth between my site, blog, and their website.

And since I love pink, it's all so fun to look at the pinkiness of it all! I've also enjoyed perusing the other boutiques and seeing what else is out there.

I've also joined in with the Make Mine Pink Friday theme. Tomorrow's theme (Sept. 4) is "Working Around the House." Well, with antiques, this shouldn't be too hard to find! I've selected the vintage pin cushion, pink shelf brackets, old wooden letters, sewing items/ribbons/trims , salt n pepper shakers, shade pulls, and more! I'll be back to post again next week about the Friday theme. This should be fun.

I'd love to hear from you if you have any experiences with MMP and what you think. How did it work for you? What did you learn from your early days of start up? Suggestions are welcome, too!

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