Thursday, March 12, 2009

JUST LISTED! Vintage Clock Faces, Pin Ornaments, Mirror, Shabby Rose Plates

This week seemed to go by in a flash. Where does the time go?

Thank you, these have SOLD!

This past weekend the weather warmed up a lot. Just enough to tease me into thinking spring was finally here. Ha! It did get colder this week. Rats!

I do know it is short term because daylight savings is already in effect (yay!) and March 21st isn't too far away either. Not that it's going to be like Florida around here but one can hope.

I finally got a chance to load the rest of my latest inventory onto the Bella Rosa website. There's so many neat things to photograph and I love to display each piece to make it interesting to view on the site. Sometimes window shopping can be fun, too! I know...I like to look at all of the other bloggers stores and "shop." But every now and then I find something I just HAVE TO HAVE!

So here is my latest inventory in the "Just Listed" category, as well as the item's regular category. I created the "Just Listed" section to make it easy to see at a quick glance the "newest" stuff if you are a regular visitor.

These scalloped edged plates are soooooo neat because they have that vintage patina built in from time gone by. A dainty pink rose border is the perfect touch. I have some of the same pattern in Dear Bebe's nursery. Remember I did the baby meets shabby chic theme? I used the large meat platter as a tray to hold all of her lotions and other bottles on the dresser.

This little mirror (4" x 4") is too cute. I'm wondering if it came off of an old vintage photo album? I think it's great making it's own little statement all by itself.

Cake plates and I have a thing for each other. I love to buy (and collect) them and somehow they keep finding me! Especially this one with all of the pastel roses.

These pin ornaments are older and I just love the velvet pastel colors someone chose for the base. Too sweet! Secretly I'm thinking how great they are going to look this Christmas if they don't sell. Isn't that backwards? I'm supposed to hope they SELL. Not the other way around. I learned when you become an antique dealer you need lots of storage. Either that or will power. Seems like I have neither!

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