Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Peek at Our Antique Booth

(Wicker Coffee Table has SOLD)
The other day I was updating our antique booth and I decided to take pictures. I like to do this every now and then. Gives me an idea of what has sold and how I've displayed items.

I absolutely fell in love with these very delicate porcelain tea cups. The sweet colored pastel linings are of course what tickles my fancy! Remind you of anything? The LuRay pastel dinnerware I collect maybe?

(Vintage Trunk has SOLD)

We have an ecclectic mixture...

My hubby likes to sell toys so this is part of his display in the case.

And of course, right above them I have vintage jewelry. Someday I'd love to have separate cases but for now, we share. We'd need a bigger booth for that! Right now the antique biz just doesn't pay to have more booth space.

I tend to lean toward the rose covered porcelain items...must be the shabby chic gal in me!

Sometimes I bring items home to place on the Bella Rosa website and vice versa. It would be great if I could get all of the inventory listed online as well as for sale in the booth. This is a huge task and one I am going to put on hold for awhile.


Unknown said...

As an antique store shopper, can I just thank you? It looks like all your items in the case have the price tag clearly visible, which is SO nice! The antique mall I frequent is really huge with a ton of booths & cases. Many times I've passed an item by that I was interested in because of the hassle it would be to track down an employee, have them open the case so I can find the price. Then I feel embarrassed if it's too much but I made them go to all that work. I appreciate sellers like you who make it easy for the buyer! :)

Joanne Kennedy said...

I got my package from you and I love the things I ordered! You find such fun things. I love the vintage jewerly. Very pretty.


Free Art Printables said...

HI Jillian. Could you e-mail me with your other blog address? When I had to change addresses, I lost everything and want to get you back on my blogroll... :) Jen R

Smart Living Today said...

Hi there!

Thanks so much for visiting today. It's always a pleasure to know you have been there.

Oh, I LOVE the vintage rhinestones. I am starting my own collection these days. LOVE IT!