Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Fun!

As much as I do not like snow, you can't help but have fun with a little one around.

We put on Bebe's little purple snowsuit, new gloves from Grandma, and new snow boots. She was very excited.

While there wasn't a lot left from our last snowfall, there's more on the way tomorrow so we'll be back out playing in it again.

This is such a fun age!


Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

My boys are itching to get to snow. Not much around these parts of course. Haveto wait until winter. But yes, such an exiquitely wonderful age! Enjoy every minute - it goes so quickly.

Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

exquisitely! said...

ooooh she looks so cute bundled up like that! Happy 2011 Jillian:) Rachaelxo

Ms.Daisy said...

Oh, she does look so adorable in that "suits" her to a T! :)


j said...

Oh Jillian, she looks so sweet!

MJ said...

That photo of Bebe walking away from you is so sweet! Looks like one for framing!

I can't believe how little snow you have! The ground is almost bare!