Monday, March 7, 2011

New Arrivals: Jack & Jill Mags, Limoges Porcelain, St. Patrick's Day Postcards, Grimms Fairy Tales, Capodimonte, & More

While I am working on gathering up and sorting through my latest finds from Saturday.. here is a peek at the latest arrivals already added to the Bella Rosa store:

Fun Jack & Jill magazines from 1950!

Not old, but this is a pretty little glass carousel horsie. Oops, I mean horse. I can't help but speak in terms of horsie, milky, and ducky right now. In a few years after Bebe grows out of her toddler stage, I'm sure I will be back to normal. I hope!

A Pinocchio and a Grimm's Fairy Tales. I LOVED reading fairy tales when I was a kid. Especially Grimm's. They were the best.

This Limoges, France plate is by Jean Pouyat... circa 1880's to 1930. You really cannot see the beautiful detail in a photo. It is stunning in person. The light brown colors are really gold.

I liked the look of this book. Plus it was Homer's Iliad. Classic books and books from history catch my attention. Makes a great book to add to a stack for a vignette in your reading area or living room. How about a mantle?

Romantic stereoview cards. The bottom card is of Central Park, NY.

Capodimonte porcelain! Viva l'italia!

Another beautiful cream soup. This one is Limoges.

This vintage nightie is the softest and sweetest color lemon yellow. It appears as though it had never been worn. A pretty red rose applique makes it just right to sell in my Bella Rosa inventory!

Cobalt glass lined salt and pepper shakers, silverplate, from England. Make your dinners special or add to your s & p collection. My sweet Sister started her collection after my Grandmother passed away and acquired some of her pieces. Isn't that how most of us start collecting? Nostalgic bunch, aren't we!

But wait! There's more... St. Patrick's Day and Easter postcards, a glass flower frog, shabby pink rose plate...check out the rest here in my Just Listed category.


Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Wow! So many beautiful treasures! Don't know which one I like best. All of them!

gail said...

I'm so glad I checked out your bloggie and you shared all these wonderful treasures....especially horsie!

Ms.Daisy said...

Great assortment as usual! I really liked that French plate! Gorgeous!


Natasha Burns said...

Really sweet! Love the horsie! oops, horse! hehehe!