Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Second Chance Tuesday #7 ~ Hat Pin History

Welcome to Second Chance Tuesday where we get a chance to show off or highlight something that deserves another look. Usually I show some of my antiques from my shop, Bella Rosa Antiques, but today I'm going to do a rerun of hat pin history. All of the hat pins have sold except for the last amethyst pin in the photo at the bottom.

So without further ado, here is one of my former blog posts:

Stunning , sparkly, and very sharp. Mysterious.

The Hat pin.

A vintage piece of the past we no longer use. But for some reason, we love to collect and display them.

Here is a bit of history of the hatpin from The American Hatpin Society:

Prized by antique collectors today, hatpins were commonplace and controversial. They ranged in size between 6 and 12 inches long depending on the size of the hat they needed to secure to a woman’s head. They were fancy or practical, made from every available material ranging from precious metals to gemstones to plastics and paste. Hatpin makers marketed their products to the various levels of society, ranging from the extremely ornate and expensive to the simple and functional. The heyday of the hatpin was between the 1880's and 1920’s, after which hair styles became short and the hats became smaller making the pins unnecessary.

I've been collecting hatpins for several years now. I had seen them in antique malls and had been drawn to their glitz and glamour. After I started attending local auctions I was able to acquire a few of my own to keep...and some to pass on to others for their own collections. They always seem to sell out. They get harder and harder to find and unfortunately, for the antique dealer, the price keeps going up when bidding. But I just had to bid on a hatpin holder and a few pins for the Bella Rosa store. It just seemed like the right fit.

This one is a favorite...it has a ruby colored stone in it.

This is my only hat pin left available for sale... and it has a beautiful victorian look with a purple glass stone.

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Ms.Daisy said...

You will have to teach me to "cut and paste" an older post 'cause I just haven't figured it out yet...so I just put what I have on my blog today.


Joyce @ Quilted Nest said...

Love this idea of second chances. Hope you get many to link up!!

Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

Lethal looking pretty things those hat pins!!
Thanks for the Calling cards too, they arrived safe and well and are together with my earlier purchases waiting for frames!! Love them to bits :)
Sorry about not thanking you earlier!!
Cheers, Irene x

gail said...

Hi Jillian-your hatpins are beautiful, and what a fun thing to collect. I have to try and remember for next week to link up to your party. I am back to work now at my Mon. and Tues. job which I do in the winter, so I forgot about your second chance Tuesday!

dana said...

I need to start paying attention to hat pins on my antiquing trips!! That was such an interesting post!! I love your Second Chance Tues., Jillian!! I hope I remember to link up next week!! I have lots of old stuff...including ME!! :)

Hope all is going well. L, Dana