Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Little Christmas, A Little Sparkle

I just listed my latest finds... some Christmas mixed in and of course things with sparkle. This was also a good week for china:

Royal Staffordshire tonquin creamer... a nice piece of red transferware.

Cool flowers for vintage bling!

This is a great old piece... glass balls make up the chains and the bells are like a papier mache.

The lush full colors in these three postcards make them great for pretty gift toppers... even if they are not Christmas themed.

I had been saving some of these to make something snazzy and vintage for my tree. Finally I realized that day just never comes around... I decided they needed to be used by a much craftier soul than I!

Sometimes I take awhile to really see things in a piece. While listing this last night I just happened to notice the graphic relief (3D) image of a maiden's head in the dish...except I took the photo upside down! This bowl is just a fantastic example of vintage porcelain. LOVE it.

Hot chocolate will be the warmth I need this winter!
This set would brighten up a china cabinet with its vintage "flow blue" style roses.

This is a darling child size tea set... made in Japan. Must be about fifty years old.

And this peppermint frosty guy is still showing his "Merry Holidays" sign. I prefer the Merry Christmas kind... but he's still cute!

There's more but I'll let you check out the rest, here.

Twelve items were priced under $10.00!!! Great ideas for gift giving.


MJ said...

What sweetness! I just looked at those fragile pieces and contemplated what a great packer you must be to ship those items!

Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

Great items and taste as always. Hope you sell everything in short order!!

Jan Hennings said...

too sweet!!