Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Band Aid Fix, Kind of Like Santa Here

My computer is up and running again, although I feel like I'm not completely my computer self.

We think I was hit by a virus, but are not sure. Dear Hubs restored my computer which means everything was wiped off and I had to start with a clean slate again. Luckily he had backed up my computer but that was AWHILE ago. Anything I had saved since then is gone!

We decided to load the newest version of Microsoft word since we were starting over. All of this has brought about some issues for me.

1. It is different and I'm not used to it.

2. My Outlook Express is not operating and I have to go to the internet to obtain my personal and Bella Rosa emals. (Please bear with me as it slows me down a lot as Bebe is not as patient as I)

3. The internet was not working so Dear Hubby is using some special thing a ma jig to bring it into my computer. (Can you tell I had no idea what he was talking about when he explained it to me?)

4. I feel "virtually" handicapped. All of my photos, documents, templates, etc were stored on my computer and using my laptop was okay but I didn't have all of my tools. Plus, my laptop was not hooked up to a printer. (Difficult to process my Bella Rosa orders without my usual set up.)

So I'm back but with a limp. No, more like a pair of crutches.... with some wood glue! But I'm not letting it stop me.

And I do have some fun news. I found a pink santa ornament or tree topper while I was out with my Dear Mother earlier this week. But when I brought him home I noticed his buttons are missing. The dots are just the glue remnants! And most of his face is covered by his ivory beard. That's okay, he's still cute. I'll find something fun to glue on maybe with a little glitter to give him some extra sparkle.
And pretty soon I'll be running as good as new on my computer too! This New Year's Eve we'll be celebrating with my Dear Father who arrives that morning to visit with us.

Hope you have a fantastic NEW YEAR! I'm joining up with linky parties "Thrifty Thursday over at Bloggaritaville.... and also for "Pink Saturday" with How Sweet the Sound.


Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

you seem to be handling the computer thing amazingly well. I'd be frustrated beyond words! I'm proud of you.

j said...

Computer problems are so frustrating. I am pretty intimidated by them and when things go wonky, I have no idea how to fix it!

The pink Santa is adorable. Glitter would be a pretty addition.

We have a solid white Santa that we used back before our children were born. He was so serious and so WHITE (nothing whimsical about him at all) that Bryan and I said we skipped the angel and put God on our tree. Back then we laughed but now I worry that we were being impertinent. Oh well, the Lord knows our heart.

Have a Happy New Year Jillian!

gail said...

Hi Jillian-Cars and computers are great when they work-but when they don't it is so frustrating!!!There's something to be said for the olden days!
Love Santa-despite his shortcomings...

Connie said...

:-) Just keep up your good spirits and all will be fine, sugar.

Funny too, because I'm on an Amazon Discussions about the difference between Windows PCs and Macs. It's up to 1400+ posts and I'm gonna ignore it for a while. Getting too hot for me!! LOL


MJ said...

Chin up! Things will be straight soon! Happy new year!

Unknown said...

Happy New Year!!!


Ms.Daisy said...

Santa is a cutie pie and I know you will make him into a real "sparkler!"
Had a wonderful time with everyone at Christmas.


Rebecca said...

Good reminder that I need to be backing mine up more-Best Wishes for 2011~

Rose Brier Studio said...

Your pink Santa is very cute. With the buttons gone you can put anything you want in their place! After reading this I'm gonna go back-up my computer. So sorry you are having problems!
Happy New Year anyway,

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

What a darling little Santa!!

Happy New Year to you!!


Unknown said...

Hang in there sweetie! Happy New Year and Happy PS!

Sherry from Alabama said...

Your Santa is wonderful, with or without the buttons!

Wishing you a blessed and happy New Year!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

dana said...

Hey there, Jillian!! I'm glad your hubs patched up the computer enough to get ya up and running! I know zilch about them, cept it stinks when they don't work and when you lose your "saved" stuff! My PC (which was ancient and had been patched up and patted along for years) finally took it's last breath late last summer. I think a fatal virus was also the cause of it's demise. Anyway, that's when I took my savings and bought a new iMac. So far, I'm loving it. However, like you said, learning a new program/s is rough. It all happened at my busiest time of the year and I haven't really had the opportunity to really explore what I can do with this new piece of technology. I have only taken one class...and my goal is to take as many as I can. I like someone showing me first....then when I do it again, it makes more sense.

Anyway, I wish you and yours the best New Year ever...and of course, I hope you have a great Pink Saturday!! L, Dana

Claudia said...

Ohhh I know the feeling of computer problems!

May your new year be filled with PINK and wonderful health AND computer smoothness :)