Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How I Almost Birthed A Baby

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It was close ladies, it was close.

I had gone to my M.O.P.S meeting last week. MOPS stands for Mothers of PreSchoolers. It is a great outreach program put on by my church and a great place for Moms to get together.

It was our end of the season Christmas party. We had a fun gift exchange, we played games, etc. It was then time for us all to split off into our regular discussion groups.

My group has two pregnant women in it. One being our group leader. Now this particular day my group leader looked like she wasn't feeling well. She had even handed over her leadership status for the day and had made me group "spokesperson" during our games.

I asked her "Are you allright?"

Friend: "Um.... I'm having ....mumble mumble...contractions"

Me: Uh....when are you due?
Friend: Two days ago....

Me: WHAT? Oh my gosh. Well.... your spokesperson for the day I'm willing to do
a lot but cleaning up after your water breaks is not one of them!

Friend: You're not??? Laughing.

Me: NO, I'm not! Laughing.

Friend: Jumps up and runs into the ladies room.

Me: Turning to the other gals....(looking over their exchange gifts) should we go check on her?

Other gals: Yeah, ... maybe we should. They all turn to look at me as the still standing spokesperson....

Me: Okay, I'll go see...

Friend: (Heading out of the ladies room) I think I need to go h-ooooo-mmmmmeeee.

Me: OKAY THEN! Let's get your stuff together!

Well from this point on I'm in a rush like I'm the father of this baby. I go and collect all of her stuff.... I head down the hall to the nurseries/preschool rooms where her other two kids are. This was easier said than done however. She's using my cell phone to call her husband. We manage to get her little boy ready to go and into the hallway. He's still eating a cupcake.

We get to her two year olds room when I realize it is the same room my little Bebe is in. I do not want her to see me. (At this point I think I am just walking this gal out to her car) We finally get the right coat (most of the two year old coats are pink so saying "just grab the little pink coat causes mass confusion) and we are all heading to the elevator.

Me: (In the elevator) Um.... since this is your third child you could have this baby in the next 45 minutes!

Friend: OHHHH I hooooopppeee nooooooot! (Tensing up in pain)

Me: Me too! Me toooooooooooooo..... (Tensing up with nerves)

We finally get outside and I'm trying to get the two little ones to walk as fast as possible. Come on honeys! Let's go sweeties! Mommy needs to gooooooooo!

We get to her car and I'm trying to load the kids in the car seats. It is tough enough to load your own child in the car, try loading someone else's kids. They are quite resistant...and for good reason. I'm practically a stranger to them! One is now crying. I look around to the other side of the car and my group leader is down low, crouching to the ground.

"OH NO!" I'm thinking. Hurry...hurry....

Me: You can't drive home! Where is your husband?

Friend: Home!

Me: Can he come pick you up?

Friend: No, our other car is in the shop and I have the only car!


My brain is frantically thinking and I'm going through ten million scenarios of how to get this to work when I realize the only thing I can do is follow her home. I still have to go back inside and up to the nursery and retrieve Bebe, load her into the car and get on the road. I am now running ...running up the stairs, running into the toddlers nursery....telling Bebe we've GOT TO GO!!! Ever try telling a 2 year old to get a move on it?

I get Bebe out to the car, kicking and screaming the whole way. My friend is already leading the way out of the parking lot and I'm just getting the car started. We are on our mission to get her home.

I lose her at a traffic light. I just couldn't go and watched her drive on down the road. The light changes and I continue on even though I can't see her anymore. I went looking for her house, I had been there once, in the dark. I make a wrong turn but luckily she rings my cell phone back from her house to let me know she made it. Whew! I can go home now.

Later the next day, I find out she had a baby boy about 40 minutes later.

And that my friends is the closest I'd ever like to come to birthing a baby.


Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

sounds like you were a trooper thru it all. Go Jillian... if ever I'm in trouble - I want you to be nearby. :)

Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

My goodness! What a story!! What a relief it all ended safely.Well done you for helping :)

Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

Wow! That is too close for comfort! lol Glad you didn't have to do deliver!

gail said...

okay I broke out in a cold sweat just thinking about scary. I honestly don't know what I would have done, but it sounded like you handled it very well!
Next time I would think twice about being seems like it has more to it than it sounds!

Ms.Daisy said...

I have to agree with your other commenters, this was too close for comfort! It was hilarious the way you described "herding" two year olds out the door and into their car seats! LOL! :)


MJ said...

That does it! I'm staying away from near term pregnant gals! That was too close for my comfort!

Polly said...

Ohmigoodness that is quite a story!!! I have goosebumps! Your friend was lucky to have you!