Monday, December 27, 2010

One More Party to Go & Computer Down

Just one more party for me this week and then we are done. Even with New Year's Eve approaching we are not venturing out again to celebrate. My Dad is coming to visit so we'll hang at home and watch the new year arrive.

One thing I am not celebrating is my computer! Christmas day it died. I had just received a new monitor for it too. Hopefully Dear Hubs can restore it to the day he backed it up about six months ago. Anything I saved since then is goners. I really think it was Facebook. Beware! It is dangerous!
Hopefully hubby can do this sometime today. Right now I'm using my laptop to post this.
In the meantime I'm off to look for something snazzy to wear to our last party for 2010!


Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

what happened to the 'puter and why do you think Facebook? This is unsettling...

gail said...

These computers are so annoying!
I hope it gets fixed soon....
have fun at your party.
we are done, as we do not go out for New Years-not our cup of tea.

MJ said...

Sorry to read of computer foibles! Hopefully all will be running soon!

Still, those horns you displayed are quite sweet....

Happy new year (honk)!

Kathleen Ellis said...

So sorry to hear about your computer...ugh! Mine was stolen this past summer....what a sinking feeling that gave me...fortunately just a few days before I had subscribed to an remote backup system...who had everything and was able to restore all of it on my new computer...which took me awhile to get used to!
Thanks for not spilling the beans about the necklace...I had a feeling he had gotten it but then forgot about it was a very pleasant surprise!
Happy New Year!