Thursday, December 2, 2010

Don't Judge Me By My Empty Plate of Cookie Crumbs

Before we had Bebe I used to put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving. Now I've had to adjust (yes, Mommies have adjusting to do sometimes... sometimes??? Ha!) to an evening schedule while a certain someone is asleep.

That's okay. Sometimes change is good.

This weekend we have set aside to decorate. I'm getting in the mood now after reading a few blogs with festive pictures and stories. I've pulled a few photos from the archives of my computer to share and to help get me in the mood even more!

While this is not my tree it sure is inspiring! It is actually the tree at a wonderful hotel we get to visit for Dear Hubby's Christmas party.

Every year the culinary staff tries to out do itself with another version of a Gingerbread house. I can almost smell the icing now...

I'm looking forward to covering up our ugly mantel with greenery and ornaments. Maybe 2011 will be the year I get to do the MANTEL MAKEOVER post! Just maybe...

What's a little "haulin' out the holly" without some yummy cookies? Bebe is starting to help us bake so this should be fun. Or messy either one. Probably both!

Vintage ornaments. I'll have to wait another year or two before I will display them on tabletops within her reach. Or the tree! How could I forget the tree? Plastic, fabric, and metal for us again. I'm patient. Did I mention change was good?

Being a little bit too ambitious I was hoping to make wreaths this year like we did a few years ago. That darn Ballard designs catalog inspired me. See below:

They have these alphabet wreaths. I love them! If someone (ehem, I think his name is Dear Hubs) would just make me the letter forms I will do the rest! Maybe this weekend...

I'll be back with pictures of what we accomplish.

If it is just a picture of a Christmas tree with no ornaments on it and an empty plate with only cookie crumbs, don't judge me.

Repeat after me: "Change is good...change is good...change is good..."


Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

Those little fingers sure do change our traditions around don't they!
But it is wonderful when they start helping with it all. My boys love to decorate the tree now and are at the stage of not wanting Mum to do any 'adjusting'!

Connie said...

I was going to say you're really with it if you had your tree up already and then read it's from hubby's Christmas party and felt relieved, sweets.

I baked cream cheese cookies today to take to a woman I visit teach each month. I'm just hoping hubs doesn't eat them before I get the chance to take them to her. This snow is still too deep for me to get out in.


MJ said...

I'm laughing so hard that I am choking! I recall posting a couple Xmas' ago how I don't use any glass ornaments on the tree and the antiques are safely stored away until K & N are older. (I'm not sure whether they are old enough this year either). I recall you expressing surprise that I had a non-breakable tree! Now you have a non-breakable tree! Welcome to the club!

Ms.Daisy said...

So many things change and will change again and again, but that is what it is all about! It gets better and better, trust me! I was thinking of bringing a surprise for you and Mrs. Tuneful...I'll have to see how it goes! I'm lovin' change!