Monday, December 13, 2010

Rockin' Around

Could it be December 13th already? Where did the time go?
It goes by incredibly fast and I'm still trying to keep up before the big Christmas day arrives.

We have decorations at least! Below is a picture I took as Bebe was helping Dear Hubs put up our tree. Now this tree is the one I had as a single career gal, toting it from state to state as I worked for different TV stations. Okay, so it was only two states but who is counting?

My decorations reflect my style but not completely. I normally cover the tree with good old vintage glass ornaments but we're being a little protective of them since we have a toddler.

We do have some breakables on the tree but not too many. Bebe has been pretty good so far this year! She likes to play with some of the plastic "horsies" and instruments which is fine with me.

I used a thin strand of vintage style silver "sequin" garland I found through Ballard Designs. Gives the dark green tree a little bit of extra sparkle without going overboard. I love tinsel but Dear Hubs says "NO WAY."

We have an older nativity set made in Germany but I've put out this dollar store version so in case we have a mishap...we're okay! It is a sweet little set.

The stockings are ready to go. . . this year we'll be missing our soldier who is not coming home for Christmas. :( I'm putting his stocking out anyway. He did let us know he received his Christmas care package and really enjoyed the cookies Bebe and I made for him.

I love these! My friend made them and they remind me of her everytime I put them out.

And after all of this hard work a tired Momma was still energetic enough to have fun at Dear Hubby's Christmas party this weekend! Go Mommy go...go go Mommy go!
Hope you had a great weekend too.


Claudia said...

Your daughter could not be more adorable! Such a precious photo of her helping with the tree.


gail said...

Hi Jillian-Sorry I haven't visited in so long, but your decorations are beautiful and so are you! I remember how tiring it is to have toddlers running around, but it sure is fun!
My new grandbaby is arriving tomorrow, so lots of excitement around here...don't know what it's gonna be!!!

Ms.Daisy said...

Love your decorations and Bebe helping with the tree...too adorable. I'm sorry our soldier won't be here for Christmas I was looking forward to saying "hi." Glad you had a good time at the Christmas party!


MJ said...

So fun to read of other's experiences in decorating with kids! said...

you are possibly ahead of me in the decorating stakes, I have one tree up and one real one to buy still! Your bebe's hair is beautiful but then so is yours:) Rachaelxo