Thursday, October 1, 2009

Simply Pink

Two words. Simply pink.

That's the theme for this week's Make Mine Pink ~ Friday Event! I couldn't be happier. I love things in pink and of course I was thrilled to find my favorite antique items in the best shade: SIMPLY PINK!

These aurora borealis crystal necklaces are very hard to find.
This lovely three strand beauty is fabulous!

It wouldn't be a day of pink without me sharing my Pink Lustreware with you. Gosh these are so unique and pretty. The photo doesn't show the pink shine as well as you see it in person.

There's a gal in Make Mine Pink named Sharon (C'est Chouette) who makes beautiful pillows with these vintage needlepoint pieces. This one would make a nice handbag, too. Hmmmm.

And here's one for ya...a pink book! Except it is not just any pink book.... but a vintage copy of one of Beverly Cleary's books, The Luckiest Girl. I think I'm the luckiest girl because I get to work with vintage pink stuff and share my wares with my readers. Simply heaven!

This is just a sampling...for more of my SIMPLY PINK items, check out my Make Mine Pink Friday shopping event page. You'll find pink holiday items, lace, victorian shelf, and more!

And as always,

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Grace said...

Cute blog I just signed up for Pink Saturday hopefully will be on next Saturday! I especially love the Pink Book...great Hubby! Grace