Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Listings: Dupont Hand Mirror, Vintage Prints, Sweater Clip, Vintage Jewelry, Marionette Halloween Witch & More!

After a crazy busy weekend, I'm finally catching up. We had our Dear Bebe's first birthday party. Look who stopped by! Whoaaaaaa!
Then Sunday I spent some time back in an antique mall while I worked on my booth. Found some more goodies to add to the bunch I didn't get to list from a couple of weeks ago. Without further ado:

Omigosh. These prints are awesome! One is signed on the paper matting with a name and 1876. Now that is OLD!

Shabby celluloid picture frames. Unique red "white" and blue! Must be for a soldier's photo!

Animal charm bracelet. Love the filigree chain links.

Thank you, this has SOLD!
This is so cool! A vintage "What's the Answer" game.

A few Christmas corsages. I like this one the most because it is PINK!

Paper dollies! Oooooh! Enough said.

Friendship motto wall decor. These are so sweet.

Thank you, this has SOLD!

I just love old books. Who doesn't need the romance of an old fashioned
gentleman these days?

Two foreign language text books. One in German and the other in French.
(Close up is of the French book.)

Thank you, this has SOLD!
Several more glitter houses!
I think I have enough now on the site to make your own village.

Three lovely little gold frames. So ornate!

A couple of old handmirrors. This one is marked DUPONT Paralin

Pretty Haviland Limoges plate.

This sugar and creamer set depicts the portrait of Marie Leczinska....Queen Consort of France. She married King Louis XV of France and was the grandmother of Louis XVI, Louis XVIII, and Charles X.
Amazing! Made in Austria.

Just in time for Halloween...a vintage Hazelle's marionette witch for your fun decor!

1950's jewelry set.

Thank you, these have SOLD!

Two shabby green flower frogs. The neat card is from the vintage game I'm listing this week called "What's the Answer?" Both may be found in the "For Crafters" category.

Souvenir catalogue.
Amazing graphics and advertising in this antique
art exhibition catalog from Pennsylvania.

Lovely sugar spoon. Mongrammed "S"....why for SUGAR of course!

Pretty 1950's sweater clip. I'll be listing a vintage sweater for it soon.

Love this for my crafters! Vintage Game of Words. you like the words I made?
I've already started listing...hopefully I'll finish up tonight while the baby is sleeping!


blushing rose said...

Wow! You cleaned up ... what lovely finds. They are all wonderful.

Have a lovely autumn eve. TTFN ~Marydon

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that I've found your website. You sure can write and teach and inspire. Keep writing - I'll keep reading.