Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Timeless Textiles a Make Mine Pink Friday Event

Whether hand crafted, hand created, or stitched by modern machines, timeless textiles mix our stories with those they already know, and will pass them down to generations to come.

Join me this week on Bella Rosa Antiques as we participate in Make Mine Pink's Friday Shopping Event. You'll find linens and textiles like these and more:

This sheer apron has the most interesting and unique pocket. First of all it's made of roses and the second interesting part is the pointed shape, like a heart. Was this a gift to someone originally? Who owned it and what did she use it for, if at all? If she was anything like my Grandmother she didn't want it to "get ruined" and saved it for someday.

Now this photo is just showing a corner of the tablecloth. The whole thing is like new yet it is vintage. Perfect for a tea party!

Thanky, the hanky has sold!

I just love how this hanky is cut in the shape of the flower and leaves. Unique and such a vibrant color, too. When it opens full, it is really gorgeous!

This little fingertip towel is sweet with the pink rose.

Vintage pink lace from Park Avenue in New York City. Wonder when it was originally purchased and for what purpose. Maybe for an evening dress! It is 6 inches wide and there's tons of it...great for crafters.

This is just a peek, hop on over to the shop and see what else is in store! Then check out the rest of the Make Mine Pink Friday Shopping Event selection of Timeless Textiles here.

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