Thursday, October 15, 2009

Posh Tots: Vintage Baby Dresses, Nursery Ceramic Planters, Baby Spoons

This week's Make Mine Pink Friday Event theme is Posh Tots. I love this theme because I've been into vintage baby items ever since Dear Bebe was in the womb! So, I've acquired a nice collection over time.
This assortment of vintage baby dresses and slips looks adorable as decoration in a nursery, child's room, or shabby country setting. I've listed the mint green dress and the white eyelet style slip dress so far.
I'll also be adding items from my "For Baby" category into this week's MMP Friday event page. Posh Tots ... lots of fun vintage style!

1 comment:

Natasha Burns said...

oh my gosh they are SOOOOOO gorgeous Jillian! i've got to stop buying stuff, i really had to hold myself back from getting that little green dress. if i had a little girl, there's no way i wouldn't have got it!