Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Vintage Jewelry Sale - The Mad Dash

Last week I mentioned I was headed out to a vintage jewelry sale.

I had heard about it while returning books to a smaller branch of our local library system.

The elderly woman at the counter said: "Oh! Don't miss our jewelry sale this year!"

This was about three months ago.  I had written it down on my calendar and finally got a chance to see what it was all about.

I was expecting a whole lot of 1980's punky, funky, and brightly colored stuff.

When we got inside the door of the church where they were holding the sale.... I knew I was in for something much bigger.

A crowd was gathering.

Greed is not pretty on people.


A lady in front of me was feeling guilty already. She said out loud in a funny tone:

"We should ALL be going to a church
 service after this!"

Every one giggled.

But seriously, there is this one dealer we have run into before. She is...how should I put this... hmmm. Ah... yes. Aggressive.

They opened the doors and there was a mad dash to the little church hall with her at the front.

She went straight for the table marked "Fine Jewelry" and managed to stick her arms and elbows out all around her so that no one else could get their hand into the case to pull out the "good" stuff. She had a Ziploc bag stuffed with it all.

Now you can call me stupid but I stayed as far away from her as I could.

I was handed an empty egg box to hold my loot and I went in and started looking over all of the other tables quickly handpicking vintage pieces.

Meanwhile...of course, I was missing the crazy frenzy for the gold and sterling silver jewelry.

Which is okay because I don't really sell fine pieces on my website. I stuck to my main purpose for going there which is to find pretty vintage pieces and came out with a small box of assorted goodies that I'm happy with.

But, I have another experience under my belt.

I will go back again if they have it next year....

this time I'll be ready.

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Unknown said...

Looks like you got some great pieces Wish I would of been with you :) It's so much fun isn't it...
Good for you, thanks for sharing.

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

Love this post! Feel like I was there...Can't wait to see what you found!

Victorian1885 said...

Jillian I am sure you had a great time going over all the vIntage pieces! I am involved in a Sale this weekend and I already have a Lady wanting to come days early so she can get the best pieces.
Funny how some people behave isn't it?
Enjoy your new pieces... I look forward to checking them out too!


Faye said...

I can just imagine it! You did what I would have done, stayed away from the pushy aggressive women and went for the costume jewelry...only we would have been fighting over that! LOL! I'll take what you found any day over the expensive stuff!