Monday, November 25, 2013

Catching Up

The weekend went by way too fast.
Today I'm just trying to play catch up!
House to clean.
Bins to sort through.
You know the kind of stuff
that falls behind when you're busy.
That was us this weekend.
It went by in a blur!
We went to see the new
movie The Christmas Candle.
It played only in select
theaters as it was in a
test run to see how it would do.
I hope you get a chance to
see it or rent it someday.
Based on the book
by Max Lucado.
Hopefully I will have time
to write about something more
exciting than just "catching up."
Like decorating for Christmas
which I hope to start for real this week.
Til then!


oopsiemaizie said...

the majority of my day was spent trying to catch up, too... kitchen stuff, bills to write... worked on our third floor a bit... my hope is to get the Christmas down so we can get decorated this week, as well! I always love how cozy it makes the house feel...

The Old Parsonage said...

Playing catch up can be fun though too. Love that shot of your pitchers. I have my eye on the one in your side bar. If I get some extra cash for Christmas I want to get it.



Annesphamily said...

Oh your ornaments are delightful! I would have bought an ornament from you! So unique! Your childhood ornaments remind me of my late Aunt Ang. Although her hands were crippled with arthritis she made the most amazing ornaments. I miss her so much this time of the year especially! Good to visit here. HUgs Anne