Monday, November 4, 2013

A Beautiful Fall Day

We took some time
off from antiquing
this weekend and
went to visit family.
To the lovely state
of Virginia.
It was a beautiful
fall day. Just gorgeous!
That brilliant blue sky,
not many clouds.
We took a walk
along this footbridge,
admired the waterfall,
visited a little museum,
took family photos,
and had a wonderful lunch.
Then did a little shopping
along the river.
The antique shops
were few and far between.
Mostly gift and artisan shops.
Still, a lovely day.
Hope your week is
just as beautiful!

And what's this?
Well, I couldn't just end the post
 without sharing some
of our latest finds.
The hubby brought
 these things home.
I just love those
little cute elves!
Stay tuned for
new listings this week.
(Most of these will
go in my Etsy shop soon.)

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