Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Fun: Keepin' Em Busy With Vintage Games

My latest idea for the lake house:

I'm going to keep a basket of
them on hand.

Late nights or rainy days
or just because they're fun!

Not all of them are going.
Some I will be selling in the shop soon.

I'm not really sure how popular BINGO cards
and pieces are anymore.
I think I still have some
available in the shop.

 I have memories of playing pick up
sticks and BINGO but
 Dominoes and Lotto not so much.
And I had never heard of PIT until
I started dealing in antiques!

There is also another game
I have never heard of before in this pile
 Have you ever played it?

Some of my favorites as a kid were
of course, Monopoly, Payday
and Sorry!

My Grandmother had Parcheesi
which we always played at her house.
And "Go Fish" the card game.
What fun!
My Sister, if she reads this
will get a kick out
of these memories!


And don't forget books!
I picked these up at our local library.
They sell donated books
as a fundraiser.

This one looked brand new
and I thought it was perfect 
to keep up at the lake house.

There are card games I've
never even heard of in there!

Although it is a quirky read,
this "Americana Scrap Book"
makes a great coffee table
book up at the lake as well.

We'll be joined by my Step Daughter
and her family. It will be our
first time hosting there!

Let's hope I can keep
'em busy!

Ivy and Elephants


Anonymous said...

This is sooo great! Love the look of these things stacked up - and your book finds are super! I've got my dad's old Monopoly game from the 1930's and a few other things from his childhood like that. It was in grandma's basement for years - remember playing with them when we were kids with our own 1960's version of Monopoly - have that, too. But, I have to say, Parchesi was our back porch game as kids - plus cards. Good memories.

Cranberry Morning said...

I think I have played Sabotage, a long time ago. My son is looking for Careers. He loved that game and now can't find it anywhere! The old games were so much fun and had great game pieces - like the old Monopoly sets did. Fun post!