Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Arrivals! Cameo Locket, FrenchDisplay Case, July 4th Postcard, Vintage Jewelry and China

Just some of my new arrivals...
I'll be back to add links to the website,

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dana said...

Hi Jillian! It was so great to see your comment this morning. I have been horrible about blog visiting. .. .so much going on that's kept me from doing something I love to do. BUT I caught up on lots of your recent posts! OMG....I'm so happy that you guys found your lake house....I know you will make it look like your "dream spot". Aqua, aqua, aqua. . .even the tub ha ha! Can't wait to see your touches put to it. Little Bebe looks so "at home" on the shore!!

Go glad you got to have a girls trip and what fun shopping for bridal attire with your stepgirl!! She's so smart eyeing the less expensive, but just as beautiful dress!! How poopy that those shops don't want folks to take photos.

Gotta get ready for church. I'm looking forward to seeing your lake progress.....and I love your newest listings. Those playing cards are so sweet!

L, Dana