Thursday, June 21, 2012

Roll Out the Barrel... Summer is Here! New Arrivals and my NEW Mystery Sale

It's here.... my new Mystery Sale!
Each time  I unveil my latest listings there will also be a mystery sale where twelve items get drastically reduced. You just never know which things I will choose so check back often...

Now, here are this week's latest finds:

 First up, my favorite piece of the week!
GORGEOUS and signed by the artist.

 French "token of affection" postcard

 A present from the fair!
I don't know about you
but I just love memories
of going to the fair.
Here is a vintage souvenir for you!

Lovely antique Valentine card
with a lace "overlay"

Purple glass bead "grape" earrings
Wear them out to dinner or
for a wine tasting!

I've seen some fantastic pillows created
out of old needlepoint pieces.
This one reads "HELLO" in the center 

A couple of antique vanity items
in milk glass
Also receive the three antique
keys for your display 

 This is my other favorite this week.
A micro mosaic brooch surrounded
by sterling silver I do believe.
I love the millefiori design.
In Italian, millefiori means 1000 or
"many" flowers.
 Two more vintage Nancy Drew books

Remember the old advertising jingle?
"I loooooooove New Yoooooork!"
City landmarks.

 Shabby books of Ralph Waldo Emerson,
Francis Bacon and
 Alden's English Verse

 Victorian lady in an elegant purple gown
A fancy way to have tea or
maybe it is a shaving mug!

 I have two pieces this week in this
This is just the soap sized dish...
Check out the other
"Three crown china" piece here!

of violets because not everyone likes pink!

Be sure to check out the mystery sale
each time I announce
my latest listings...

Have a great weekend!


Kathryn Ross said...

Hi Jill! Great finds! I'm drooling over the poetry books - but, alas - as I'm out of work for the moment I must control my collecting appetites! I'd spend way too much in this little shop of yours if I could!! Funny thing - that Mazli book by Johanna Spry you have - I just got the exact thing about a month ago at a yard sale - bought a whole box of vintage books dating from the late 1800 to the 1930's and this very edition was in the box. Spent $10 for the lot - about 20 books - pretty good deal; and don't they all look grand sprinkled about the place here.

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

Love these! And I have a thing for vintage books...